When you arrive at the centre you will see the male-side accommodation on the left and the main building straight ahead. This building has a kitchen and male- and female-side dining rooms upstairs and accommodation, bathrooms and an office downstairs. It is located in the middle of a valley that runs through the centre, with the female-side compound at the upper end.

The buildings are mostly situated on the southern side of the grassy valley situated between steep hills covered in native bush supporting a variety of bird-life.

The meditation hall and teacher’s residence are located almost behind the main building up on the side of the hill. The meditation hall sits on the side of the valley and is approached by sloping paths. There is room inside to seat up to 100 people.

Students are mainly accommodated in single rooms within 14-room blocks located in the male- and female-side compounds. The rooms look out onto gardens and native bush walks.

As well as walks along the gravel paths within the compounds, there are paths through the bush, passing through areas dense with ferns and leading to small waterfalls. These paths loop around so that a pleasant walk may be had during the breaks.

The dining rooms have large decks which look out into the compounds. The decks can be used for eating during the warmer months.

All food supplied is vegetarian and cooking, washing up and cleaning are done by volunteers who are “old students”. They have sat courses themselves and wish to assist others in learning the technique.

The whole atmosphere of the centre is conducive to a peaceful state of mind suitable for meditation. The busy outside world is excluded so you can live simply and give your full attention to observing your own mind and body.