Updated: 10 May 2022

In Brief

  • Negative test results are required prior to admission.

  • B.Y.O. masks.

  • You must be able to leave the centre independently at any time.


The Details

The Vipassana Centre closely follows government guidelines to safely run courses during the Covid19 pandemic. 

The following safety precautions are in place:

Physical distancing of one metre between people.

Most meditators will be accommodated in single rooms, and communal areas, such as the meditation hall, dining rooms and bathrooms, will be cleaned regularly.

All meditators must observe the following:

  • Masks are mandatory for all course participants. Please bring a good supply of masks with you for the entire 10 days. Scarves, bandanas and T-shirts are not suitable as face coverings. Masks will continue to be used under red or orange settings. The only exemption accepted is the new M.O.H. personalised exemption card.

  • There is to be no physical contact between people at any time at the Vipassana Centre, apart from in an emergency.

  • Good hand hygiene. Regular thorough handwashing with soap and water. Hand sanitiser will be available in/around all communal areas. Note: if you have sensitive skin or any allergies to this type of product, please bring your own sanitiser.

  • Good cough/sneezing etiquette: coughing or sneezing into a tissue or the crook of the elbow and then performing hand hygiene

  • Any unwell student must report their symptoms immediately to the management. They will need to take a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) and if the result is positive they will be required to leave the centre.

  • All students must provide current and complete contact details on application in case contact tracing is required.

Course Requirements

For now, it is required that you have a negative covid19 test result in the 24 hours prior to arrival at the centre. In addition all students and servers are asked to bring another RAT kit to use in case symptoms develop. These requirements are being constantly adjusted according to the changing situation.

People arriving on an international flight may only come to the meditation centre after getting a negative result for the test required by the New Zealand government on the 5 - 6th day after their arrival in New Zealand.

It is very important that all people on site at the Vipassana Centre are well. Anyone who has been unwell with any possible signs of Covid19 within the past 14days must not come to Dhamma Medini unless they are symptom-free and have had a negative covid test result in the 24 hours prior to arrival at the meditation centre.

Anyone who is a household contact of a suspected, probable or confirmed positive Covid19 case must not come to Dhamma Medini until they have isolated according to the instructions of MOH, have remained well (asymptomatic) throughout this time frame, and have had a negative covid test in the 24 hours prior to arrival at the meditation centre. If the contact was professional and protected with full PPE, please discuss this with the course registrar. Either of these situations should be notified to the Centre prior to arrival.

Testing is not necessary for contractors who work outside the course boundary or have contactless jobs to do. If unsure, please contact [email protected]  .

All participants should be in very good general health. Participants over 70 or who have health conditions that would place them at higher risk for complications of Covid19 may be advised to wait until a later time.

During a course, anyone developing respiratory symptoms or other signs of Covid19 is required to inform the Centre management immediately and must take a RAT. If the result is positive they must leave the centre. This is for the safety of the course as a whole and for the wellbeing of the other students.

Self-isolation will NOT be possible at the Vipassana Centre.

It is therefore essential that all participants (students and servers) have the means to leave the Centre independently and self-isolate at short notice without depending on public transport or air travel, as this may not be possible if they are either unwell or deemed a household contact of a Covid19 case.


Shuttle-bus and ride-share options are available when courses are running. However this could change at any time, and all students and servers must still have the means to leave independently and without public transport if they become unwell or need to self-isolate.

For old students:

Vipassana courses around the world are only possible through the efforts of old students, i.e. meditators who have completed at least one 10-day course in this tradition. The Covid19 situation presents unique challenges for Dhamma Medini, as traditionally many of the old students serving on courses have come from overseas. The current border closures are likely to have a significant impact on course server numbers, so any interest from old students to serve rather than sit courses in the coming months is welcomed. Old students who have applied to sit the course may be asked to serve the course at very short notice, including while the course is underway, if needed for the course to go ahead. Priority may be given to those old students willing and eligible to serve initially in order to be confident the course has sufficient servers to go ahead.